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We offer you guarantee for all our products.

For windows and balcony doors in VEKA system we assure 7 years of warranty if they are installed by the team authorised by producer. If they are install by the client the guarantee is for 3 years. For internal doors, PVC and aluminium external doors we offer 2 years of warranty.


Use and assembly of windows and doors:

  • transport and storage in vertical position
  • the way of storage should protect windows and doors against direct sunlight exposure or other aggressive factors (chemicals, high temperature etc)
  • if windows/doors will be installed later, protective film should be removed not later than 3 months since the date of reception
  • If protective film is removed windows/doors before installation should be protected from damage again 
  • after installation fittings need to be checked if it's clean, if not it should be cleaned and lubricate
  • after installation the fittings should be adjusted
  • just after installation the protective film should be removed (if not it may cause permanent damage)
  • patency of drainage channels located in the lower frame should be systematically checked
  • at least once a year fittings should be lubricate with machine oil or technical vaseline
  • gsket should be lubricate with technical vaseline at least one a year  
  • the windows are totally hermetic, room/space need to be aired to prevent excessive humidity.