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JUSTA is a producer of pvc windows and doors using system Veka and aluminium construction using system Aliplast. We have all necessary certifications for our products:

  • Veka authorisation certificate - it oblige us to assure the highest quality of windows and doors made from Veka profiles,
  • safety certificate of Glass and Ceramics Institute that allows us to use safety mark.

JUSTA takes care of high quality of products by using best quality raw materials and cooperating with well selected contractor. One of main trading partner is Veka AG Sendenhorst - producer of PVC profiles. Veka obtain ISO 9001 and all attests and certificates required by Polish legislation. They have positive customer feedback. Other main contractor of JUSTA:

  • MACO - supplier of fittings
  • PRESS GLASS SA, EFECT GLASS - supplier of glasses

All suppliers have proper attests and certificates for their products that allows to use it in the construction industry in our country. JUSTA during more than 20 years of activity established high production standard. Machines and new generation equipment form a complete technological line, computer preparation and optimalization system and well trained and qualified engineering and technical staff, assure the highest level of production. Proper organisation of production guarantees continuous quality control from material and raw material analysis, control on each stage of windows production to quality control of finish product on special control and measurement station. 

JUSTA puts a lot of emphasis on fair work done by employees. Each product has a special description according which it is possible who made it. This methodology helps to eliminate errors during production process and allows to find out who need to be more trained to improve working knowledge.

JUSTA would like to thank all client that have bought our windows. We know that thank to you trust we have possibility to improve our skills. Also we would like to recommend our product to them who have not decide yet - variety of shapes, colours, glass types and more other elements makes it possible to satisfied different kind of needs. All this we offer while maintaining customer-friendly product prices.