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Veka Perfect - windows open to the outside

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Veka Perfect - windows open to the outside

Perfect Window - English type

  • Window profile system designed for opening outside. Large chambers allow the installation of steel reinforcements to guarantee perfect stability of windows throughout their life.
  • Replaceable gaskets available in three colors: black, gray and caramel, allow you to choose the best looking color profile and gaskets.
  • Perfect is completely unleaded and 100% recyclable.
  • The windows open to the outside of the Veka Perfect, depending on the package of glass used, can achieve a heat transfer coefficient of up to 0.86 W / (m²K).


The outline below shows the differences between the window opening inside and the window opening outside. To maintain full functionality and safe use of this type of windows, the profile of the wing must be structured differently than the profiles of windows open inside.

Winkhaus activPilot Select - invisible fittings, hinges hidden.​

PVC windows with activPilot Select are timeless elegant. Widow hinges are hidden, so it's a perfect offer for clients appreciating beauty and not unconventional solutions. Windows equipped with this fittings fit perfectly to modern architecture but also are suitable for renovated vintage buildings. This fittings allow to keep the original style of this historic buildings.
The fitting in his standard version is adjust to the  windows with sash 100kg

  • Fittings totally hidden - increase aesthetics of the window
  • Weight limit for fitting to 100 kg, with possibility of extension  to 150 kg
  • Anti-burglary catch in tilt and turn sash 
  • Adjustable clamping force of the fitting
  • Micro ventilation

Insulated glazing:

  • Low emission glass (double - pane or triple - pane). Heat transfer coefficient from Ug=1,1 to Ug=0.4. Tripe pane are more and more popular. Because of high level of heat insulating (filled with krypton they can achieve coefficient 0,4 m2*K/W) they can reduce costs of heating. They ensure high level of light transmission (no "dirty curtains" effect).
  • Ornamental glass - their task is to let the light come inside a room while at the same time preserving its privacy. They can be used as a decorative theme. 
  • Safety glass - protects against injury at breakage, making it less possible to break the glass when lamming a door or window. 
  • Window dividers - they ensure unique character of buildings. They are placed between glass so it is not necessary to clean or preserve them. Many shapes of dividers is available (curve, circle etc).  
  • Solar control glass - there are three kinds of solar control glass: absorptive, reflective and selective. Absorptive and reflective are available in different colours, so you can find the best match to the building. There are blue, brown, green or grey. There is also "one-way mirror". 
  • Selective glass - the aim is to achieve the appropriate effect of reflection, control of isolation of rooms, as well as limiting the penetration of solar energy plus a high level of thermal protection.
  • Acoustic glazed units - ensure protection against noise from traffic, rail, air ect.   Noise protection must be applied everywhere where noise cannot be completely eliminated.
  • Bio clean glazing - the glass that decrease necessity of cleaning to minimum because the dirt does not stick as much as on the ordinary glass. The steam on the outside of the window can be easily evaporated, there is no trace of frozen raindrops

Handles made of aluminium are standard window fittings. Vigilant handle, designed for outside open windows (English type). This is a directional handle with a special shape. The handle is locked with a key, available in white and nickel.