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Front doors

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Front panel doors

Panel doors STAR

  • The support structure is a frame with a sash designed for overlay panels. The Aliplast STAR profile system provides excellent thermal insulation.
  • One plane of the opening frame and of the panel glued to the leaf (no profile of the sash visible, panel attached on the outside or on both sides).
  • Two types of hinges are available: stainless steel sleeve hinges and hidden hinges.
  • 3-point standard or self-locking locks - optional for customer.
  • Depth of frame / sash: 90 mm


Door fillings give the character of a building, patterns with stainless steel inserts or imitation wood can be applied.


  • Handhold are made of stainless steel, and depending on the type can be attached to one or two sides.


  • The new trend among the handhold are the elements recessed in the panel construction.